E-Waste Removal

E-Waste Removal

With the arrival of new electronics often comes the question of where to take the gadgets that you are replacing. That's where Ewasteevnrionmental steps in! Getting rid of e-waste is our specialty as we offer all-inclusive e-waste removal service to perform all of the e-waste pickup, disposal and recycling necessary to get rid of any of your outdated electronics, from anywhere in your home!

What We Do

Whether you are conducting a large office cleanout, or just looking to get rid of an outdated computer, you can always count on the team at Ewasteenvironmental to carry out all of your e-waste removal needs! Simply call on our service professionals and they can begin the removal process by arriving on-site to provide you with a free estimate! From there, you only need to point out the devices that you wish to part with for our removal team to confirm your exact price - at no obligation!

E-Waste Removal

If you are pleased with the provided price, the Ewasteenvironmental removal team won't hesitate to begin right away! Simply sit back and relax while all of your computer, television and printer removal needs are attended to by our e-waste removal professionals! Have a large console television in the basement? Not a problem! Our removal staff are fully insured to perform all the e-waste hauling, pickup and disposal!

Donating and Recycling

Ewasteenvironmental operates with the best interests of the environment in mind. That is why our service professionals always go above and beyond the call of removal duty to ensure that your unwanted electronics are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner! Through receiving the support of local charities and recyclers, our e-waste removal team performs everything from printer and computer recycling to television donation as a part of our all-inclusive service!

Booking Online

Do you need to get rid of an old console television to make room for your newly purchased plasma model? Call on Ewasteenvironmental for all of your computer or television pickup needs! Call today for same and next day e-waste and small appliance removal!

To receive more information on our e-waste removal and recycling, contact one of our friendly service representatives at 1-888-586-5736!


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