E-Waste Environmental® guarantees that your electronic goods avoid landfills and that all materials are recycled. 

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Why Choose Us

We are Canada's environmentally-friendly E-waste solution.

The methods by which electronic waste is handled is quickly becoming one of the largest social and environmental responsibilities of all nations. If not handled properly, these can poison our environment and threaten the health of individuals and communities. Historically, millions of tons of e-waste has been exported to third world countries, where it is often handled by children in unsafe and toxic environments. At E-Waste Environmental®, we guarantee ZERO e-waste is shipped to developing nations and all e-waste is handled with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF INTEGRITY in the e-waste industry.

E-Waste Environmental® was established to lead the e-waste industry in socially and environmentally friendly E-Waste removal and recycling practices. We provide simple, safe and secure removal and recycling of electronics from organizations across Canada. We guarantee 100% of all electronic waste is diverted from the landfill and recycled to the highest standards in North America.




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